Monday, July 10, 2006

The Aging of the Profession

As an association we've been talking about the aging of our profession, recruiting new librarians, and the GenX-Gen Y factor.

The truest measure of the Age Factor is how your feet feel at night after a long day trudging to meetings and standing in the exhibit hall listening to vendors tell you about their new products. Believe me, I want to hear about the new products; but when I can't feel my toes, I have a problem and an immediate need to keep on walking.

And then the second wind arrives and I feel a bit freshened and can manage to get to the evening's events and relax, have a drink, have some food, and see people I hadn't run into thus far. My feet are still hurting and I can't wait to get to bed. I have to remember, the day was long, busy, I talked to a lot of people, got a lot of business done, and maybe my feet will recover in time to do it all again.

Pictured are standard packing items for a conference. Gen X-Y, take note!


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