Friday, May 12, 2006

Virtually Missouri

From The Scout Report

Recommended by Jane Reynolds, Jenkens & Gilchrist

NOTE: It includes links to a variety of Missouri libraries' digital collections including the St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records Project at

Virtually Missouri

"While it seems that almost every state historical museum or library has set
up a digital collection or twelve, coordinating access to these lovely
offerings has proved to be a bit tough. Fortunately for those collections
created in the state of Missouri, there is the Missouri Digitization
Planning Project, which has created this fine site. Sponsored with monies
from the Institute of Museum & Library Services, Virtually Missouri serves
as a place where institutions can place their digitized collections, and not
surprisingly, the generally curious public can take a look at their
creations. From the homepage, visitors can take a look at the featured
collection, or delve right into the other materials by searching the catalog
of collections or by just browsing a list of the collections. The offerings
here are quite impressive, as they include exhibits on the African American
community of northeast Missouri created by the Hannibal Free Public Library
and images from the now-defunct newspaper, the St. Louis Globe Democrat."


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