Monday, July 10, 2006

Exhibit Hall Opening Ceremony

By Carolyn Santanella
Smith Moore LLP
Greensboro NC

Sunday, July 9, 9am: Madame President Claire Germain, with trumpet fanfare in true St. Louis, style (well, perhaps they were coronets?!) greeted the gathered attendees for this year’s 2006 Annual Meeting and Conference to officially open both the meeting and the exhibit hall to all. Ms. Germain cut the ceremonial ribbon to the Exhibit Hall that opened the floodgate of attendees to a record number of exhibitors for this year’s meeting. Attendees were greeted with a varied array of booths, exhibits and goodies as they entered. From the BNA exhibit of the annual meeting bags they have provided over the last number of years to West’s steamboat center and world tent, attendees will have a hard time seeing, listening and talking to each and every exhibitor and still find time to attend sessions!


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