Friday, June 30, 2006

Book Club Meets in St. Louis!

book The Impossible Will Take A Little While

Alternative program explores making the impossible possible.

The State, Court, and County Law Libraries Centennial Committee will present an alternative program on Monday, July 10th from 2-3 pm in Renaissance Grand-Landmark 7 room. The Committee has encouraged law librarians to read the book The Impossible Will Take A Little While by Paul Loeb. This collection of inspirational writings by various authors is hopeful, encouraging, and motivating. The Atlanta Journal Constitution described the book as a “stirring collection of essays aimed at people who still want to believe that ordinary people can change the world.”

The book club program will begin with a panel of SCCLL librarians discussing portions of the book that most impressed them. They will each share personal experiences and aspirations that mirror themes from the book. Audience members will be encouraged to join in the discussion with their reactions to the book or the panel’s comments and to pass on their personal viewpoints and stories. This program will provide a thoughtful conversation about our future and how we can lead change in our libraries, our communities, and our profession during the next one hundred years.


  • Anita Anderson Law Librarian, Minnesota Attorney General
  • Anne Grande, Director of Law Library, Hennepin County Law Library
  • Jean Holcomb, Law Librarian, Westfield, NC
  • David J. Lockwood, Deputy Circuit Librarian, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • Judy Meadows, Director, State Law Library of Montana
  • Regina Smith, Director of the Law Library, Jenkins Law Library


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