Thursday, June 29, 2006

Picturing the Annual Meeting

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We have set up a Flickr group photo pool for the annual meeting this year. Flickr is a website where individuals and groups can share photos with each other and the world. A selection of photos in the AALL Gateway pool will display in the sidebar of this blog, or you can see the entire pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/aall_gateway/.

There are only three photos in the pool at this time, but you can help. If you plan to take a digital camera to the AALL annual meeting and would like to share your photos with the pool, email me at dmurley@siu.edu to request a Flickr invitation. I will post some tips for getting started later this week.

Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to splice photos from a group photo pool into our blog feed. I tried last night, and many feed subscribers receive random photos that weren't from the pool. Sorry about that. You can subscribe to a separate feed for the AALL Gateway photos or visit the AALL Gateway pool to see all photos.


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