Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bring your pioneering spirit to the dance floor….

Join the unofficial Dance-SIS group which will meet in the entryway/lobby area of the Grand Renaissance Hotel for the first time on Saturday evening at 9:30. Tentatively we are planning on going to Club Buca (walking distance - less than a mile away) the first night. See information about that area of downtown (Laclede's Landing) and other entertainment venues in that area. If we find a better venue, or hear a better plan, we will try to get the word out. Contact Ed Beltz, at 919-619 6517 during the conference, or Donna Nixon, at 919-593-4288, to coordinate plans. Prior to the conference, email at ubeltz@gmail.com or nixon@law.duke.edu . (Posted for Ed Beltz)


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