Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some Academic Law Library History

Since part of what we're going to be doing at AALL this year is look back at the history of AALL and law libraries, I thought I'd post this quote I found today while looking through some old journals.
The law-school library is at a crossroads: either it must remain an integral part of legal education, advancing under the direction of thoroughly competent and trained librarians possessed of satisfactory salary, status and opportunity, or it must fail in a most important part of its mission, to the corresponding detriment of the school it serves. Fortunately, in the experience of the writer at least, most law-school administrators are prepared to meet the challenges, once they know the facts.
Miles O. Pierce The Law School Librarian 1 J. Legal Educ. 268, 272 (1948)

That quote is from 1948, but it sounds like it could have been written yesterday!

-Sarah Glassmeyer


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