Monday, July 10, 2006

Legal Historian Honored at Association Luncheon

By Matt Braun

The importance and joy of law librarian scholarship and its influence on the profession were celebrated in front of a large contingency of AALL members and distinguished guests at the Association Luncheon on Monday afternoon.

Christopher T. Anglim, the History, Collection Development, Government Documents, and Periodicals Librarian at the John B. Coleman Library at Prairie View A&M University in Texas, received the 2006 Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award at the luncheon for his book, Joined in Common Enterprise: A Bibliography on the Origins of Early Anglo-American Partnership Law.

Anglim, whose book was published by Hein, told the luncheon attendees that his work developed out of a strong belief that historical perspective is crucial to any study of law. He also emphasized how key AALL is to encouraging and rewarding various types of legal scholarship by librarians; and in affording law librarians a unified voice to advance the profession. Finally, he called upon the association members to use scholarship and other means to inform law library constituents as to what librarians do on a daily basis; and how important our profession is in facilitating and preserving access to vital information.

To illustrate this point, Anglim recalled an encounter that he had with a stranger at an Austin, Texas eatery where the stranger asked Anglim what it is that he did for a living. When Anglim responded that he was a law librarian, the stranger responded that it must be nice to spend all day just reading books in a quiet, idyllic setting. The stranger was none other than famous recluse and entrepreneur Howard Hughes. Thus, the importance of explaining the profession to
the masses, whether through the spoken or written word, became apparent.

Prior to Anglim’s address, AALL President Claire Germain recognized the work of the 2006 Annual Meeting Program Committee, the contributions of a variety of corporate donors to the association, and the presence of distinguished guests and VIPs from the St. Louis area, from across the United States, and from nations such as China, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Mexico, and Togo.


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