Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And you thought gadgets were only for the kitchen...the return!

Hello all!
We are celebrating our fifth year anniversary and our third program at AALL!

In 2001 we presented our first gadget program at the annual meeting in Minnesota. Currently, we have presented gadget sessions at AALL, Internet Librarian, Texas Library Association, and various regional and local law librarian and special librarian meetings.

For this occasion we will be giving out prizes at each session. Please plan to attend and stop by after the programs to say hello to the panelists!

J6: And You Thought Gadgets Were Only for the Kitchen-Returns: Current Gadgets Wednesday, July 12 at 1:30-2 p.m.

K6: And You Thought Gadgets Were Only for the Kitchen-Returns: What's in the Future?
Wednesday, July 12 at 2:15-2:45 p.m.


Brian Neale
IT Specialist, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw

Roger Skalbeck
Technology Projects Administrator, George Mason School of Law

Susan Skyzinski
Senior Librarian Relations Consultant, LexisNexis

Barbara Fullerton
Manager of Librarian Relations, 10-K Wizard


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