Sunday, July 02, 2006

PLL-SIS Alternative Programming

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There's never enough programming for law firm and corporate librarians, but AALL has given the PLL-SIS the opportunity to schedule some extra programs as alternatives to the official programs at St. Louis.

If any of these programs are of interest to you, please plan to attend:

Sunday, July 9, 4:15–5:15pm, America's Center-Room 260
Creating New Best Practices Through Law Firm Expansion: How to Avoid Having to Circle the Wagons

The trend in law firms is to use mergers as a way to expand their global presence. With over 170 law firm mergers in the last three years, the chances of it happening to you are becoming increasingly likely. Participants will be able to better analyze and identify collection management, staff integration, and reference services issues inherent in law firm mergers/expansions. The panel consists of law firm librarians who have successfully survived mergers and used them to proactively create new best practices within their departments.

Tuesday, July 11, 9–10am, America's Center-Room 263
Marketing 101: Five Easy Steps to Successful Library Marketing

Building on the 2005 program Marketing Schmarketing! Program, this programs asks, and answers, the questions: is a marketing plan really needed? How do you evaluate the success of your marketing effort? etc. Speakers offer five tips they've devised to help any Librarian focus on marketing.

Tuesday, July 11, 4–5pm, America's Center-Room 263
The Butterfly Effect: Are You Ready for Change?

Attendees will analyze which skills and competencies should be developed over the next 20 years and also gain insight in law firm library trends over the next 20 years. The panel discusses predictions of what the next 20 years will hold for law firm libraries based on changes that they have seen over the last 20 years.


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