Sunday, July 02, 2006

Check This Out! in St. Louis

Themis iPodThis is Jim Milles, your roving reporter from the Check This Out! podcast. Don't be surprised if you see me on the prowl in St. Louis with my digital recorder.
  • I will be recording the meeting of the Gen X Gen Y caucus at 5:30pm on Sunday. If you can't be there you can still listen in!
  • Throughout the conference, I will be posting a series of short nightly podcasts. A rotating team of friends and colleagues will sit down with me each night for a 20-minute lowdown on the day's highlights.
  • I'll also try to catch as many of you as possible in the hallways and between sessions to chat and ask a question or two. Don't be shy! If you take the time to talk you will receive a beautiful CTO! button.


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