Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Orleans 2007 Open Forum

mardi gras beads Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Proposing a Successful Program Meet the 2007 Annual Meeting Program Committee and get your questions about proposing programs for New Orleans answered. Today, 11:45 AM, America's Center Room 262. See you there!


  • Bruce "Buscoyo" Bellott was born and raised in New Orleans. Steeped in the culture and tradition of Cajun music and New Orleans jazz, he began writing songs and performing in the area while raising a family and building a successful business. All was right in his world up until August 2005, when the wrath of Katrina came ashore. In a matter of a few hours, everything that he had worked for his entire life was gone forever.

    Displaced like thousands of others by the storm, he made his way to Nashville, TN, with his few remaining possessions. There he decided to pursue the dream that he'd had his entire life, of recording and releasing the wonderful songs that only a man of his life experience and resilient spirit could offer. But now there was an even more important goal: To release a benefit CD to help with the ongoing relief efforts in the storm-ravaged Gulf area.

    Shortly after his arrival in Nashville, courtesy of a used van which he won in a raffle at a chicken fest in Dubach, Louisiana, he made the acquaintance of producer Phillip Wolfe. Their combined efforts have made this dream a reality. So sit back, pop open a Dixie beer, and enjoy.

    Anyway, here are some recent recent testimonils on "Mardi Gras" & my Saints song "Gonna Be Sweet ;
    1) The Mardi Gras song is FABULOUS! I MEAN IT! super super super... you are extremely talented. Charlotte
    2) I like it...the mp3 sounds pretty good. Send me a copy when you get it
    3) Cool, thanks
    -----Original Message-----
    From: BoWalker@clearchannel.com
    Sent: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 8:09 A

    4) Sounds great! The Mardi Gras tune should take off
    since we're right around the corner from Mardi Gras.

    I listened to both and I like them both. I will definitely
    use them for my functions.

    Are you doing any gigs here in New Orleans?

    Rick Gardache
    Decades Music Entertainment
    New Orleans, LA
    Fax 504.471.0925
    Phone 504.756.2943

    5) These are really good. Thanks for sending.

    Jason Smith

    ----- Original Message ----
    From: To: jasondonnellsmith@yahoo.com
    Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 12:44:39 AM
    Subject: Fwd: Saints song & "Mardi Gras" I Had 'em Mastered for Radio etc.!
    testimonials !RecentTestimonils; 6) Like the songs.
    Who is the artist.
    Is there a website I can link to if I use the Mardi Gras song
    on my almostlivecam.com Mardi Gras site?
    7) I like it! The Mardi Gras song, I can see why you won!Send me 3 photos, and your bio and tell me if you have a lable or not! Oh yea! I need a full name and address!

    Let's see what we can do!


    -----Original Message-----
    To: editor@mardigrasdigest.com
    Sent: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 7:29 PM
    Subject: songs for the Balls

    8) Hi, from San Diego Brazil Carnval…

    Thank you for your e-mail. What a powerful and inspirational story. I have Louisiana Roots, (Stepfather Vernon Torregano from New Orleans and Great-Great Grandfather Paris Huff shows up on the 1831 Census of Baton Rouge. I have been going to New Orleans since 1975 to place Chess and go to Jazz Fest (which I love) and make an incredible Gumbo. I did not go last year but plan to return May 3 to 7 and look forward to meeting you. Let me know when your CD is ready and we will put it up for sell on our site. We are in the process of constructing a virtual store to cell products and would love to support you

    You take care and God Bless and as we get ready for Mardi Gras

    “Laissez-les Bontemps Rouler”

    Steve Spencer

    9) Like the songs.
    Who is the artist.
    Is there a website I can link to if I use the Mardi Gras song
    on my almostlivecam.com Mardi Gras site?

    american entertainment virtuals
    internet options

    By Blogger Buscoyo, at 8:37 PM  

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