Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nightly Wrapup Podcasts at CTO!

Each night of the conference, I have been getting together with some friends to podcast a wrapup of the day's highlights. The CTO! Nightly Wrapup team consists of Kris Niedringhaus, Connie Crosby, Ken Hirsh, June Liebert, Hollie White, and Nancy Babb. We've been talking about the educational programs and committee meetings we've attended, the parties and luncheons, and anything else that grabs us. If you weren't lucky enough to come to St. Louis, have a listen to Check This Out! at http://cto.libsyn.com; if you were here, listen in for some fun, casual talk about the conference highlights. Find out about Dancin' Ken and why the catalogers' programs are overflowing!


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